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At the core of Nine In A Line Brewing are Dan Anderson and Dave Markert, and the family, friends, and community that supports them. Dan grew up in town and Dave in the country. Despite their differences, they forged a deep and lasting friendship based on shared interests in community, music, outdoor fun, and - of course - beer.

The dream of someday opening a brewery has grown, over the course of a decade, from modest beginnings. Dave has a passion for craft brewing and honed his skills through many years of brewing in basements and garages. All the while, Dan was drinking Dave's beer, pumping his tires, and pushing the idea of combining entrepreneurial energy with a delicious product, and serving their local community with simple-yet-sophisticated, locally brewed beers.

Nine In A Line has fast become a cultural hub for Dave & Dan's hometown of Vulcan, Alberta. Vulcan is at the heart of Alberta's rich grain belt; the Brewery takes its name from the nine grain elevators that once graced Vulcan's railway siding. From the rich traditions of the past, Vulcan has grown into a thriving prairie town, proud of its roots, and charging headlong into its future. Nine In A Line is proud to be part of that; we're a small brewery by design, and our primary mission is to serve our friends and neighbours. We brew in Vulcan, for Vulcan - but we're pretty sure others will also enjoy our offerings. Come to the taproom - or pick up some cans at the local liquor store, curling rink, or golf course - and see for yourself!

We lean into the local with the beers that we brew, the names we give them, and the ingredients we use (see our CORE BEERS page for more information) Stubbles Brown is a 100% Alberta-made beer. We care about our land and people; we support our local farmers as much as possible, and you benefit with delicious beers made from the freshest, best ingredients.


Watch this great video made by Bobby Jones
and Rural Health Professions Action Plan about our
Nine in a Line.

We're proud of the brewery we've built and the principles on which all of
our work is founded. We can't wait to welcome you and show off some of the best
our little corner of the world has to offer.

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